E-Business Card

Your Business Card Just Got an Upgrade!

You're very own digital business card that you can use to brand you and your business. You are able to customize everything about this card! Simple 2-minute setup!

Instantly send out your cards to everybody you know. LEAD will keep track and tag who you have sent your cards to!

Your Own Digital Card Makes You Out to Be The Rockstar!


It's important that you look GOOD!  If you don't look good don't expect your clients to want what you have. 


This card is going to make you look like the ROCKSTAR you were destined to be.


  • Your Own Branding - You're going to load your MILLION dollar product shot.  You're able to edit and crop it with EASE!
  • 3 Different Call To Action Types! ​- You have 3 different calls to actions with this card.  You have the buttons, small icon bar, and the page icons on the card.  You flip a switch to turn them off
  • Total Customization -  You decide the calls to action you want to deploy.  You can send them to URL's, Social media, call or text.  You can change it out anytime you like.
E-Business Card

Hipster E-business card

Simple Pricing

Get Hip with the E-Business Card


Go digital with this stunningly hip card!  Simple to update and share with potential clients.  You can create a stunning
e-business card in less than 60 seconds!  What are you waiting for?

Your Own Branding
3 Different Call-To-Action Buttons
Total Customization

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